Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Our CSR programs are broadly divided into the categories of Health and wellness, Environmental Sustainability, Education. As an example, in partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, our flagship CSR programme sponsors free and healthy breakfast to over 9100 students from 66 government-run schools. The inaugural phase of this scheme will be up to April 2022. The Foundation has also provided teaching staff; and funds for construction of infrastructure in government schools. Apart from education, some government schools in our neighborhood have been adopted and provided with much-needed infrastructure like classrooms, toilets, drinking water facilities, and kitchens.

We also run a pilot ‘community cattle center‘ in Telangana, with centralized nurturing and medical facilities for the cattle. The scope of the center includes processing of animal dung into manure and vermi-compost. For Empowerment of Rural Women, we have distributed sewing machines; and, constructed old age and orphanage homes.

Plans are on the anvil for comprehensive health plans for Socio-Economically Challenged Children; eye check-up including surgeries and more. In the wake of Covid-19, we have contributed to various relief funds, distributed grocery stocks, cooked meals, sanitizers, masks, etc. We will also endeavor to help schools opt for online classes with infrastructure such as computers, video cameras, etc.

Please refer news articles for more details on our partnership with Akshaya Patra Foundation
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From the very early onset of this global pandemic, we at Gland Pharma had put in place adequate safeguards to ensure health and safety of our employees. At our facilities we have ensured un-interrupted supply and distribution of essential products.

As far as precautionary and safety measures are concerned, buses were sanitized before employees boarded and after they alighted. Each seat had only one employee. We follow an ongoing regimen of Temperature Screening / Thermal Scanning stations at the entry gate and mandatory hand washing for all employees.

Workplace fumigation and sanitization of common areas, surfaces etc., takes place every few hours. Sanitizers are placed in all departments. In house manufacturing of high-quality sanitizers and their distribution for personal use to employees is being carried out, as is weekly supply of N95 masks to all employees.

Other precautionary measures pertaining to care and distancing include: Queues with distance maintaining marker points wherever there is a line up, distance seating at canteen and other meeting places outdoor meetings.

At the workplace, staff maintains appropriate distance during Labelling Activities, Optical inspection and all other processes of manufacturing, instructions on procedures are continuously announced on PA system and through videos.

Other Corona virus awareness and safeguard tools include posters, digital displays, staggered manpower hours, employee rotations, work from home for support teams.

The following measures are taken for all employees so that they are safe and protected:
  • Temperature Screening / Thermal Scanning stations at the entry gate for all employees
  • Hand washing made mandatory before entering the gates. Hand washing stations are set up to improve employee hand hygiene
  • Workplace fumigation and sanitization of common areas, surfaces etc., every few hours
  • Buses were sanitized before the employees boarded, and after the employees got off the bus.
  • One employee in every seat
  • Sanitizers placed in all the departments and employees were encouraged to use for better hygiene
  • In house manufacturing of high quality sanitizers and Distribution of Sanitizers for personal use for the employees
  • Weekly distribution of N95 masks to all employees
  • Managing the queue with marker points at the entry gates, lining up for buses at the time of leaving, etc.
  • Distance Seating in the canteen, 2 employees per table, cross seating
  • Markers on the Floor in various places in the plants for standing in queue
  • Spaced out outdoor meetings
  • Ensuring that the staff maintains appropriate distance during Labelling Activities, Optical inspection and all other processes of manufacturing
  • Public address system at the security and administration area to continuously announce the procedures to maintain social distancing
  • Video awareness system placed to sensitize employees on precautions to be taken
  • Corona virus sensitization Posters displayed at prominent locations along with digital displays
  • Staggered manpower across shifts to minimize crowd at the workplace
  • Employee rotation across the shifts and the work week
  • Instituted work from home for support teams to ensure that work is continued remotely to support the supply and production
  • Several infrastructural modifications to help hygiene and safety
  • War room constituted and dedicated team members to ensure maintenance of supply chain for smooth production and distribution of medicines
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