Business Model

Global out-licensing

Regulated Markets

We partner with several pharma companies, based on expense and profit-sharing model.
We enter into long-term development, medicine licensing, manufacturing and supply agreements with our marketing partners.

Early Stage Licensing

We evaluate your gamut of generic product requirements and provide value-added end-to-end solutions, ranging from API development, method development, formulation development to dossier compilation and submission We also offer our pipeline of products in the conceptualization stage to partners who have a similar product interest

Late Stage Licensing:

We offer our products in various stages of development, ranging from lab scale developed formulations to ready-to-scale up formulations We also offer a dynamic go-to-market strategy to partners by providing access to products which are developed and ready for dossier submission, as well as already filed products awaiting approval. We enter into loan and license for medicine manufacturing agreements with these pharmaceutical Companies and receive fixed manufacturing and packaging payments per unit manufactured.

Semi-Regulated Markets

Our ready-to-register portfolio is offered to partners for launch in their respective markets. We already have a strong presence in these markets in partnership with concerned local majors, through existing product registrations, those in the pipeline and dossiers under preparation. We are supplying our products to over 60 countries across Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, Africa, Common wealth of Independent States and South Africa

Technology Transfer

Under the technology transfer model, the partner transfers the technology required for the manufacturing, testing and packaging of partially developed products to our facilities. We engage in certain product studies such as method transfer and validation, execution of scale-up and exhibit batches, stability studies as well as supporting our customer with dossier compilation.

Co-marketing in India

We offer our generic products to partners seeking to expand their product portfolio in the Indian market, by leveraging our R&D and manufacturing expertise.

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