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Established in 1978, Gland Pharma is one of the largest and fastest growing, generic injectable-focused companies

We have a successful track record of operating a robust B2B model, catering to the diverse injectable needs of global pharmaceutical companies. Our B2B model covers IP-led, technology transfer and contract manufacturing models. In addition, our B2C model is largely focused on Indian markets, where our products are primarily marketed and sold to end-consumers, such as hospitals, nursing homes and government facilities.

We value our ability to constantly deliver high-quality products. We have established our credentials as a reliable injectable development and manufacturing company. We ensure a steady supply of affordable and quality medicine, with a commitment to make a difference in the peoples’ lives. Over the years, we have made substantial investments in our manufacturing infrastructure to support our product portfolio. We have also significantly improved our R&D capabilities to consistently deliver sterile injectables and ophthalmic products. At present, we have eight manufacturing facilities – consisting of four formulation and four API facilities.


Finished Formulation Facilities



our guiding PRINCIPLES


million units of Finished Formulation Capacity

11,000 KG of Drug Substance (API)


Years of experience


Employees as on March 31, 2021


Women Employees as on March 31, 2021


As a Quality First Organisation we lay utmost importance on patient health. Emphasising integrity at all times, our technical capabilities to handle complex manufacturing requirements add strength to the efficiency of our operations.


Our seamless methodologies give us efficiencies and high productivity both in supply chain management and manufacturing operations. This helps us offer affordable and high-quality products, resulting in customer delight in all business services. Our product development capabilities help us to build a sustainable platform for future growth.


Commitment to good corporate governance is a standard operating procedure for us. We maintain transparency and fairness in all business dealings with stakeholders. Our proactive activities for the betterment of society makes us a very empathetic and socially responsible company.