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At Gland Pharma, the resilience of our employees is a testimony to the strong values that are impressed through our work culture. We aim to foster a high-performance and talent driven organisation, with an open, progressive, conducive, diverse and inclusive work environment.


Total number of employees


Average age of employees


Female employees


Retention rate


We recognise the need to attract and retain the right talent to meet our organisational objectives and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape. We continuously focus on building an agile, meritocratic and purpose driven workforce.

Onboarding Resources

Our ability to identify and attract people with appropriate experience and skills is critical to our success. We recruit people through multiple channels including head hunters, recruitment consultants, job portals, employee referrals, and walk-in drives for high-volume vacancies.

We invest deeply in the recruitment and interview process to match the candidate’s aspirations, values and talents with the Company’s goals, values and needs. In addition to a candidate’s abilities and experience, we look at their zeal to make a difference to the world of healthcare.

Internal Talent Pool

Creating an internal talent pipeline and nurturing the right candidates is key to business continuity. The Company has well institutionalised the Executive Management Team, which consists of 19 Functional/ Business Heads, 52% of whom are home-grown leaders. They have been nurtured at different stages, on various processes and practices of the business while we were growing and expanding organically. We have assessed and identified successors for our key management personnel who are our potential future leaders.

We encourage employees to pursue long-term careers with us, emboldening them to partake in career development activities and provide a talent mobility policy across functions.


of our 19-member Executive Management Team are home-grown


We believe that recognising and acknowledging the efforts of an employee is the best motivation for professional as well as personal growth. Our Reward and Recognition system has a three pronged objective:

  • To recognise and reward exemplary individual work, both on occasion and on consistent basis.
  • To spread the culture of performance by showcasing and broadcasting achievers across the length and breadth of Gland Pharma.
  • To facilitate attraction and retention of talent.

This year being like no other in our history, we introduced several initiatives and awards to encourage and appreciate our employees including contract workers, for their contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employee Training & Wellbeing

We are steadfast in our commitment to create a performance driven work culture by fostering employee capabilities that encourage consistent results, in the present and future. We believe in empowering people by honing their skills and expertise. An extensive array of learning and development programmes are offered to employees, including contractual employees, to motivate and support them in achieving their full potential.

Dialogue circles on building a performance culture at Gland were conducted in 2020, where we covered 123 assessors which were covered in 10 sessions. The objective was to sensitise them on effectiveness of Performance Management System which increases productivity and better result orientation. It promotes employee engagement, which in turn increases willingness, learning and innovation for the Company’s betterment.

Our programmes are specially curated to focus on core capabilities and organisational requirements. Our ability to create a differentiated position in the industry rests on the diverse and versatile talents of our people, their capabilities and skillsets.


Total man-hours of training

Employee Engagement

The key to organisational success often lies in a motivated workforce. As a result, we offer varied employee engagement initiatives to boost morale and ensure professional growth.

We also use numerous global leadership communication channels to engage employees in our business strategy. We encourage regular interactions within the organisation to foster open channels of communication and dialogue.

Dialogue circles on building a performance culture at Gland Pharma are conducted regularly to over several assessors cover multiple sessions.

We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries as well as festivals with our people and their families to foster the spirit of unity. We also organise special events on Women’s Day and World Health Day, among others. This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, we cancelled physical events, but celebrated occasions virtually.

Health & Safety

We have established a safe and healthy workplace with policies dedicated to maintaining standard operating procedures that protect Gland employees, contractors, visitors and the environment from work-related incidents and exposure to damaging circumstances. We continued to safeguard the health of our employees through specially designed wellbeing programmes that were followed across our offices.


man-hours of EHS training


million man-hours of injury-free operations


Transport and operational facility incidents


Participation in health & safety trainings by all employees

Lost time injury frequency rate

We have taken multiple initiatives to reduce the risk of accidents at our facilities through periodic plant level risk assessments. Regular employee safety audits and management review meetings are also conducted to identify and implement required interventions.

Some of the initiatives undertaken to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and others are discussed here:

  • Provision for round-the-clock medical assistance at our health centre, equipped with necessary equipment, professionals, doctor and paramedic staff
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene facilities and continuous industrial hygiene monitoring
  • Constitution of a safety committee with more than 50% participation of workmen
  • Various internal & external training programmes, such as shop floor, induction and refresher class room trainings conducted. Periodic emergency mock drills also organised across manufacturing facilities.
  • Timely inspection and demonstration of emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, fire alarm detection system, eye and body wash showers, respiratory protective systems, periodic calibration of portable and fixed gas detection systems and spill control kits
  • Regular monitoring of health issues at the occupational health centre along with monthly recording of incident frequency and severity rate. All near-miss incidents and accidents are thoroughly investigated and corrective measures are implemented by concerned departments.

ISO45001:2018 & ISO14001:2015


Key Initiatives


Enhancement of Emergency Response Team (ERT) strength from 10% to 30%.


Increased number of training sessions from 100 to 125.


Conducted pulmonary function test & Hepatitis B vaccinations for employees

Managing COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic offered novel challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. At Gland Pharma, we have readily adapted to offer emergency response, while ensuring the safety and security of our employees.

We undertook multiple initiatives to combat the pandemic and ensure business continuity:

  • Established a COVID-19 task force with cross-functional representation to address real-time employee health issues and ensure workplace sanitation
  • Conducted awareness campaigns to prevent COVID-19 through posters, videos, messages and other mediums, including programmes in regional languages for the contractual workforce
  • Organised employee transport for workers stuck across the country during the lockdown
  • Created provision for sanitisers and spare masks at multiple locations, across units
  • Enabled remote working with complete IT support
  • Management and departmental heads constantly co-ordinated with employees to boost their morale and ensure efficiency