Formulations Facilities
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We have four best-in-class, cGMP-compliant formulations manufacturing facilities, each with a well-structured Quality Control lab to ensure high product standards. Catering to domestic and international markets, these facilities manufacture a wide range of injectables using aseptic filling / terminal sterilization, as applicable.

Dundigal, Hyderabad

This 600,000-sft flagship facility has world-class infrastructure to make a wide variety of liquid injectables, and is approved by several regulatory agencies.

  • 6 vials lines with 7 lyophilizers (1ml �?100ml): 250 million units / year &30 million lyo units / year
  • 1 ampoules lines (1ml �?10ml): 75 million units / year
  • 2 Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS) lines (0.5ml �?5ml): 40 million
    units / year
  • 2 Bag Filling line (50ml �?500ml): 30 million units / year
  • 1 Ophthalmic line: 50 million units / year

Penems, Hyderabad

  • Dry powder line (2ml �?100ml): 8 million units / year
  • Liquid vial line with two lyophilizers (2ml �?100ml):
    5 million lyo units / year

Pashamylaram, Hyderabad

This Facility got commercialized in 2016 and has significantly added to our capacity:

  • 2 vial lines for liquid filling (2ml �?100ml): 100 million
    units / year
  • 1 vial lines with 3 lyophilizers (2ml �?100ml): 15 million
    units / year
  • 2 ampoule lines (1ml �?15ml): 120 million units / year

Under project stage:

  • 2 PFS lines (0.5ml 􀳦?10ml): 50 million units / year
  • 2 vial lines with 5 lyophilizers (2ml 􀳦?100ml): 20 million units / year
  • 1 vial lines for liquid filling (2ml 􀳦?100ml): 50 million units / year

Oncology Facility, SEZ Visakhapatnam

This USFDA-approved facility is equipped with 2 lines (2 lyophilizer units) which has capacity to make 1.4 million units / year, and 1 line and 3 lyophilzers are under project.


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